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This is just the plate for your Quicksticks slate, if you want to have more than one plate design on hand.

The plate itself is made of 100% recycled translucent acrylic that has been engraved with your design. The engraving is scratch-proof.


We offer three different variations of plate designs:

  • Standard design without customization
  • Partial customization
    Logo in the bottom right corner and film title as an image; and director, dop and a hidden field as a text
  • Full customization
    Use one of our templates and make it yours and have full creative freedom.

To get your partial customization just right, please upload the logo and/or film title of choice. Please only use greyscale .png files or vector .svg files to ensure the best results.

For the standard version you can use one of our templates to get going.

Dimensions 21 × 16 cm