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The Quicksticks come with a unique spring-loaded quick release system that allows you to swap out the plate on-the-fly. Since it’s symmetrical you can also flip it and clap from both sides of the camera.

The sticks are made of hardwood (locally sourced oak) and protected by a natural oil finish. They contain hidden magnets that can’t fall out to keep the sticks closed while not in use and give you a well-defined *clap* without springback. Another very strong magnet allows you to attach a whiteboard marker. We prefer and recommend Schneider markers and include one in your initial purchase, but of course, you can use any pen.

The hinge itself is made of brass and can be adjusted in friction with a screwdriver. 

The plate itself is made of 100% recycled translucent acrylic that has been engraved with your design. The engraving is scratch-proof.


We offer two different variations of plate designs:

  • Standard design without customization
  • Full customization
    Use one of our templates and make it yours and have full creative freedom.

For the standard version you can use one of our templates to get going.

Caution: The black screw contains Nickel.

Dimensions 21 × 17 × 2,5 cm

Schneider Maxx 290 – black Marker, Magnetic marker holder, Custom Design with Logo engraved


Local Oak, Acrylic glass, Brass


Custom, Standard

Screw Color

Black, Brass (Golden)